Crawl Space Services

Crawl Space Services

The crawl space is an area that many homeowners tend to neglect until it is too late. Problems typically occur when you don’t have your crawl space sealed off or already waterproofed, these issues tend to include moisture issues, excessive humidity and rodent issues. When water gets inside your home's crawl space it can cause damage to the structural materials that make up your home’s foundation, a common problem from this is sagging floors. Many homeowners don’t realize, until their floors start to sag, that they have a moisture issue. This is why it is important to get in touch with someone as soon as you think there is a water problem in your crawl space.

Another common issue that can occur is mold growth, this issue typically occurs from excess moisture and humidity underneath your home. Mold is not something to ignore or mess around with, causing issues from skin rashes to breathing problems, there is no limit on the types of health issues mold can cause. These types of health issues are easily avoidable with the proper care and prevention.

As far as critters are concerned, animals such as rats, snakes, spiders, mice, skunks, and other pests can get into your crawl space when it is left open to the environment. These creatures crawl under your home and live and die inside your crawl space which will affect your home's indoor air quality. Call today to learn more about what you can do to prevent these types of issues inside your crawl space today.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems in Virginia Beach

Crawl Space Moisture Problems

Crawl Space in Virginia Beach in Need of Encapsulation

Crawl Space in Need of Encapsulation

Sagging Floor Above Crawl Space in Virginia Beach

Sagging Floor Above Crawl Space

Repair Services

We offer two main types of services for crawl spaces in our area. They are moisture mitigation and sagging floor repair. Excess moisture and humidity is the real cause of most problems with crawl spaces so a properly installed system to prevent water from getting in will solve the biggest problems.

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