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Stair Step Cracks in Bena

If you've noticed your crawl space has excess water when there are extended rains or you have long cracks in the foundation, you already know there could be a real problem. We are here to help when you have any type of crawl space moisture, sinking foundation, or buckling basement wall problem. Our team uses products that we've tested and methods that we've perfected over the years that we stand behind. We have a team of experts in Bena that are trained to properly evaluate your problem to design a specialized solution to that problem that will ensure your home is safe and protected. When our team installs a crawl space moisture mitigation system or a repair solution, it is supported by years of industry experience and trusted products.

It is very important that as soon as you've found a problem with the foundation or crawl space that you get in touch with a trusted repair company. We say this due to there are a number of potentially dangerous problems that will accompany these issues such as mildew, weakened structure, and even permanent foundation damage. No matter if you are needing our foundation repair products to stop cracks from growing in the foundation, or crawl space services to control humidity below the home, our experts are here to help you.

Crawl Space Solutions

Sagging Floors in Bena

In Bena, many of the homes were built with crawl space areas in addition to basements. For a long time, these were constructed with open vents which was intended to increase air flow through the space and keep it dry. Unfortunately, this is rarely what happens. Having open vents allows water to get in when it rains or snows and the vents hinder airflow which results in the humidity level staying too high which will eventually harbor the growth of mildew. Studies have shown that up to 50% of the air in your home comes up through the crawl space so ensuring this area is closed off from the weather and keeping the humidity levels low will increase the overall air quality in your home.

We have been helping customers with their crawl spaces as long as we have been in business and we know the proper way to seal them off and control excess humidity. This is done using a process called encapsulation which is the installation of a thick liner or vapor barrier, occasionally installed with insulation products, and are thick plastic and vinyl sheeting as well as covers to close off existing vents and a heavy duty door that will seal the area completely and prevent any unwanted moisture from entering. Encapsulation will also prevent critters and animals from settling in the crawl space which will help keep any appliances there safe and allow you to use it for storage. Once the crawl space is encapsulated, if necessary we will install a system of floor jacks to lift sagging floors in your home.

Structural Foundation Repair

Foundation Cracks in Bena

Your homes foundation is quite possibly one of, if not the, most important parts. It not only supports the building itself but it also forms the basement walls. When there are foundation problems, usually, they will manifest themselves as diagonal cracks in the outside brickwork, horizontal cracks that run the length of the foundation or along the basement walls. Sometimes, you will see that the windows or doors will not open or close easily or even cracks at the corners of them. While these problems may not seem serious when you notice them, they are all indicative of a sinking or settling foundation which should be looked at by a professional for specific problems to determine if a repair needs to be in place.

It is good that the most common foundation problems stem from similar issues and our experts are very good at spotting those problems. We can utilize a repair solution that is for your exact problem to permanently repair and stabilize the foundation. If you've got a settling foundation, we will implement a system of foundation piers to level the foundation. The location and amount of sinking will determine if we use helical or push piers. Both are very strong and can stabilize your foundation.

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